SkypeIn service arrives in Australia

A bit of a hidden gem was discovered while reading the Age newspaper this morning (I’m in Melbourne at the moment so I’m catching up on all the rubbish that seems to go into every newspaper at the moment – at least here it is new rubbish about a city that I’m visiting).  Anyhow, there was an article about Skype and the fact that they have just released a SkypeIn service for Australia. 

This is great news as I no longer have to rely on one of the local Telcos for a landline number.  As this line automatically routes to Skype, it means that when I’m connected, it comes straight to me (wherever I am).  Better yet, when I’m not connected it goes through to my voicemail, where they can leave a message which I can play back the next time I’m online – strikes me that this is the best of both worlds.

The only thing we now have to do is work out how we can get ADSL without having to pay for a landline to be installed – I don’t use my home landline as I have a mobile (and now Skype)!!!

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