Off to NZ to work at Intilecta

For those who haven’t heard through the grapevine I have been fortunate enough to be involved with an exciting new startup venture here in sunny (not) Wellington, NZ.  Intilecta is set to be a major player in the future of BI software and it has been an awesome experience to date.  With initial funding secured the CTO, Greg Martin, has put together a crack development team, with Steve Sim as the Development Manager, former ISA Technologies architect, David Gardner (also a Perthite) and of course myself. 

After flying into Wellington last week I have almost acclimatised to the time, cold and wind.  These are all good things, especially the cold when you put it in perspective that one of my passions is snowboarding and that I am the proud owner of a season lift ticket to the local mountain.

So, how long am I in NZ for – well at this stage it is a 6 month stint to get the development process underway.  Afterwhich I will be returning to sunny (not joking this time) Perth.  In the meantime my colleague Alastair will be running the user group. 

If you are in Wellington, or feel like coming to NZ for a holiday, please make sure you look me up.  My new contact information should be on the contacts page of the SoftTeq website in the next couple of day.

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