Installing Vista build 5472…..please wait

After the weekly Geekzone coffee on Wednesday I was suitably enthused to go away and upgrade my Vista laptop from build 5456 to the most recent drop, build 5472.  Of course, this meant a 2.6Gb download, which on my Woosh modem took a little over 24 hours.  Last night around midnight I started the install of build 5472 of Vista.  After entering the product key (which I had remembered to record prior to nuking my only computer) and a few other configuration settings I decided to leave the installation and head to bed.  I woke up this morning to a completed installation.

Before doing anthing I of course stepped through the usual setup process of adding a user, setting up anti-virus (currently beta trialling the Vista version of Pc-cillin from Trend), installing Office 2007 and Groove 2007.  This took just over half an hour, leaving me just 5 minutes to configure Outlook to connect using RPC of HTTP. Overall I was suitably impressed that the whole installation process took a little over an hour of my time (primarily because I slept through the hour or so it takes to install Vista once it has gathered the necessary input – but at least it does this all at the beginning so it can continue without user interruption).

Ok, so I have to complain about one thing that frustrates me in IE7 (both on Vista and WinXP).  As our exchange server is only supposed to be accessible by SoftTeq staff the server uses a self signed certificate.  This of course means that IE7 complains about the certificate when you navigate to outlook webmail. It also means that Outlook can’t connect to the server as the certificate is can’t be authenticated.  In both cases the usual solution is to add the certificate into the list of Trusted Certificates.  In the past you could do this by clicking View Certificate within IE, then from the certificate information dialog there was a button entitled “Install Certificate”.  Perhaps I’m missing it, but I can’t find that button in IE7????  In the end I exported the certificate from a machine where it was installed, copied it across and manually installed it.

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