SQL Server CE RC1 – ClickOnce with Merge is broken

In my previous post I indicated that I was having some issues with the Sync Tester tool being ClickOnce deployed.  I’ve spent a few hours trying to isolate the problem, intially fearing that my code was faulty, or that there were some deployment dependencies that I had missed. This wasn’t the case and it turns out that it appears to be a fault with the application being ClickOnce deployed.  Once I have installed the application on the local machine (the download site has changed to allow local installation now) if I copy the contents of the application folder to say c:tempSyncTester and run the application it works 100% and can continuously synchronise against any publication.  However if I try to run the exact same application from the ClickOnce installation folder (typically something like c:documents and settings<user name>Local SettingsApps2.0……) it fails with a “Internal error: Invalid reconciler parameter” message.  This is really easy to replicate, just go to the download page, install and run the application and try to sync against any publication (this will fail).  Copy the files to a new location and it will work!  Go figure???

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