Windows Live OneCare – A Mechanic for your PC

Having beta tested the first version or so of OneCare I had almost given up hope of Microsoft releasing a product that would meet my needs.  However installing the release version, which I must confess I’ve only just done, has been quite a positive experience. 

The only gotcha was with establishing a VPN connection.  After installation of OneCare trying to establish any VPN connection would fail without any indication of what was going wrong.  Recalling this from past experience I thought to go in an disable the firewall.  Doing this will prompt you to leave the firewall enabled but for it to bring up the Firewall Connetion Tool:

You’ll notice that I’ve not only included the VPN firewall exception, I’ve also checked the ActiveSync/WMDC option so that I can still connect my Windows Mobile device. Unlike in the early betas this does fix the issues that I was seeing.

The other thing I like about OneCare is TuneUp which you can schedule to occur:

Of course if you don’t want to install OneCare you can always go to the website where there is a run-once TuneUp option.

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