Trimboli alias unknown…

One of the posts I was reading earlier today pointed me to Oscar Trimboli’s blog on Unified Communications, in particular his post about the line up at TechEd 2007.  I came up with the title to this post because I think the name Trimboli sounds like something the team in Alias would go after – the bit about his alias being unknown was a little abstract taken from thoughts by a number of people profiled on Oscars blog who believe that we will eventually have a single address/handle/alias that will be used to send communications to (instead of having phone x 3, email, sms, snail mail, fax etc).  Which is all very good so long as everyone knows your alias 😉

Getting to the point: Over the last week or so I’ve been attempting to meet the Skype Challenge but feel that I’ve been failing cause the technology/software just isn’t right.  Through discussions over the weekend I came across a couple of other bits of technology that I thought readers (and Oscar) would be interested in.

  • VoIPStunt – Think Skype but way way way cheaper
  • GrandCentral – Unfortunately US only but it claims to be a single number through which you can be contacted….. interesting concept but not sure they could ever do that in Oz since the Telcos are sooooo slow at adopting change.
  • BT’s SDK – I mentioned this in an earlier post but I think that more applications could be built around services offered by the Telcos.  Given that it is going to be hard to make money out of legacy phone networks based on call costs etc I think we are likely to see more Telcos moving into the SaaS marketplace.
  • [Added] X-PDA – As Kevin across at jkOnTheRun mentions this is another pieve of technology for the mobile device that allows you to place calls.

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