Everything is Go this Weekend

Things are looking up for a monster weekend of activity:

  • For those who don’t already know I’m making the move to Sydney on Sunday evening, so there is a fair bit still to be done.  I’ve just got back from lunch with the residents from the Silicon Beach House and then later we’re off to the pub for some farewell drinks.
  • Tomorrow is the day of the move – everything I own has to either be moved into storage or packed to come with me to Sydney – YAY!
  • The Hockey club has their wind-up event tomorrow evening
  • Today Dave and I signed the contracts for the next edition of [VS2005] and the website went live earlier this week – www.professionalvisualstudio.com. Any spare time I have over the next 6 months will be consumed with getting the best possible book out.  If you want to add comments or suggestions either drop past the website or find me on Facebook and ask for an invite to the reviewers group.

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