More Behavioural Change

By chance I was walking through Crows Nest on Saturday when I noticed what initially looked like a graffitied wall (I’ve only added the red ellipse):

behavioural change

Although my initial reaction was to keep on walking – honestly, can these guys be serious with a wall painted like that? – but then I noticed the “Driving Behavioural Change” point.  If we look at what Behavioural Intelligence is, over and above traditional Business Intelligence, it is all about instigating and supporting (aka driving) behavioural change within an organisation. 

When I returned home I thought I’d take a look at Change Drivers and sure enough their slogan is “Systems make it possible – people make it happen”.  The most important asset in nearly any organisation are the people that run the business.  They are also the most complex of all assets, both financially and operationally, making them the hardest to manage.  Further, unlike machinery, you actually need to motivate them and keep them engaged in the business.  Behavioural Intelligence is more than giving employees the tools to do their job, it’s about the provision of accurate and timely information.   This subsequently removes a significant portion of the mundane, often frustrating, parts of their job, allowing them to engage with the business and be proactive. In other words it invokes behavioural change.

If you take a look at the Change Drivers’ website you will see an entire section devoted to Driving Change. Whilst Intilecta addresses this challenge in a different way, the site makes a number of interesting points about staff behaviour and driving change within an organisation.

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