User Group Frustrations

Having started and run the Perth .NET Community of Practice for several years there was only ever really one thing that really really yanked my chain, which was presenters who pull out at the last minute.  Over the last year or so Mitch has been working tirelessly to not only schedule some great sessions but also increase the user group library and make sure the group runs every month.  Unfortunately next month’s schedule presentation, Paul Stovell from Readify had to be cancelled due to what I understand was a client engagement. 

Luckily, being well organised, Mitch was able to pull forward a presentation from later in the year, so this month Michael Minutillo is going to present on ASP.NET MVC.

Maybe I’m being too simplistic in my criticism of Paul and Readify but in my opinion if you commit to a presentation then you should either give notice a long time in advance or make every effort to be available to present.  Whilst I understand that occasionally this isn’t always possible I would have thought that an organisation the size and maturity of Readify should be able to co-ordinate things so that Paul could fulfill this commitment to the user group.

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