DNS Client for Windows and Windows Phone

Don’t ask why, but I needed to be able to do a dns record lookup for a srv record from a Windows Phone application. I went looking for a library that could do this and came up with Phone Net Tools (http://phonenettools.codeplex.com/) – this seems a great library but fairly rudimentary support for DNS queries. I also came across a great post by Rob Philpott on CodeProject (http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/12072/C-NET-DNS-query-component) – it’s a bit dated and for legacy technologies (I needed to upgrade everything to even run it!). Whilst this option seemed to be more painful to update the architecture seemed to lead itself to being extended to support srv records. The net effect is there is yet another library on codeplex, this one dedicated to doing DNS lookups from a Windows 8 or Windows Phone application.

At the moment I’ve only got the Windows Phone version uploaded to the Windows and Windows Phone DNS Library. It’s relatively simple to use:

// create a DNS request
var request = new Request();

var domain = "builttoroam.com";
var type = DnsType.MX;
var dnsServer = IPAddress.Parse("");

// create a question for this domain and DNS CLASS
request.AddQuestion(new Question(domain, type, DnsClass.IN));

// send it to the DNS server and get the response
//Response response =

var resp = await Resolver.Lookup(request, dnsServer);
foreach (var answer in resp.Answers)
    Debug.WriteLine("{0}", answer.Record);   

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