Azure Active Directory Graph API and Azure Mobile Service

Last month in an earlier post I talked about using the Azure Active Directory Graph API Client library in my Azure Mobile Service. Whilst everything I wrote about does indeed when published to the cloud, it does raise a number of errors that are visible in the Log and the status of the service ends up as Critical – which is definitely something I don’t want. The error looks something like the following:

Error: Found conflicts between different versions of the same dependent assembly ‘System.Spatial’:, Please change your project to use version ‘’ which is the one currently supported by the hosting environment.

Essentially the issue is that the Graph API references a newer version of some of the data libraries (System.Spatial, Microsoft.Data.OData, Microsoft.Data.Edm and Microsoft.Data.Services.Client to be exact). What’s unfortunate is that even using the runtime redirect in the web.config file to point to the newer versions of these library which are deployed with the service, the errors still appear in the log. As there essentially doesn’t seem to be any compatibility issues between the Graph API and the slightly older version (ie I even tried downgrading the other libraries (you can use the –Force function in package management console to remove NuGet packages even if others are dependent on them, so I removed the new versions and added the old version back in) but of course Visual Studio then fails its validation checks during compilation.

The upshot is that you have to either:

– Wait for the Mobile Services team to upgrade their backend to support the new versions of these libraries…..personally I don’t understand why this causes an error in the logs and forces the service to critical, particularly since my service actually appears to be operating fine!

– Downgrade the Graph API Library back to the most recent v1 library – this references an older version of those libraries so has now issues. Unfortunately it doesn’t contain the well factored ActiveDirectoryClient class, making it harder to query AAD.

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