Microsoft Lumia 950, Windows Hello and Continuum

Due to an issue with the USB dock on my Lumia 640XL preventing me deploying apps for debugging, I went ahead and ordered a Lumia 950 XL which arrived today. The unboxing experience went well and as per most new phones there’s the normal down time whilst you transfer and reinstall apps on the new device. There were two features that I really wanted to try out:

Windows Hello

I’ve been using my Surface Book for a while now, so I’m used to the speed and convenience of the Windows Hello sign in experience which means I can just look at my monitor and it signs in. On the phone the experience is basically the same – it looks for you and signs you in. However, I do feel that it’s actually slower than simply tapping the pin code. At this stage I’ll leave Windows Hello enabled but I suspect that it may annoy me, more than it is a convenience.


I don’t have one of the continuum docks yet, and since I purchased a grey-imported phone I wasn’t eligible for, the Microsoft Australia offer for getting a free dock (personally I think this should be open to anyone willing to sync $700+ dollars into a Windows Phone at this point given the dire lack of feature complete apps). However, I do have a TV that has a Miracast dongle ( attached to it, so I went ahead and tapped the NFC pad, and 10 seconds later the device was connected, displaying out my TV. The phone turns into a track pad and the whole TV is used for whichever app is being displayed.

I went and downloaded an app we’ve just helped deliver – Looks brilliant running at full desktop size on a TV screen.

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