MVX+1 Update

MvvmCross v6.0.1 was recently released. I’ve just updated both FirstDemo and TipCalc to reference v6.0.1 of MvvmCross

One of the changes that I did make to all projects is how packages are referenced. By default in Visual Studio when you reference a NuGet package it will draw in the specific version. However, by editing the csproj you can set the version to * which will mean Visual Studio will draw in the latest stable version of your referenced libraries. This is particularly convenient if you’re not in the habit of remembering to upgrade packages frequently. The downside is that you may discover one day that your app stops working, or behaves differently, thanks to a new package version being used by your application. More on this in a future post once I’ve collected my current thinking regarding continous deployment and the impact this would have on app development

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