Deep dive – Uno Platform Template Wizard – Projects, Testing and Features

This is the next post in the sequence talking about the new wizard that’s available for creating multi-platform applications with .NET and the Windows App SDK (WinUI), leveraging the Uno Platform (previously here, here and here). In this post we’ll look at the next three sections: Projects, Testing and Features.


In addition to the target platform projects (Mobile, Windows, Wasm etc) and the main class library, the wizard can also create a Server project. The Server project is an ASP.NET Core project that can be used for both hosting the WASM application and/or serving backend apis that can be accessed from the application.


The Testing section has two options that will create projects that can contain unit tests and UI tests. The Unit test project is a regular testing project that can be used for testing business logic for the application. UI Test make use of the Uno.UITest framework for tests that will launch the application and execute the test.


On the Features section there are options for including the necessary files for the WASM application to be a PWA, and to configure debugging in VS Code for WASM and Skia.

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